The Indulgent Sweet Platter

$95.00 incl. GST

This selection is ideal for morning & afternoon appetizer catering. This platter will be a selection of delicous cakes & slices & will provide ample options for your guests. 

Friands (GF) – Chocolate & hazelnut, raspberry & coconut, orange, almond & poppyseed, lemon & pistachio & pear & polenta. 

Brownies – chocolate & walnut, white chocolate & macadamia, raspberry & white chocolate (GF), dark chocolate (GF), triple choc (GF).

Banana bread, coconut slice & our Jocelyn’s cupcakes. 

If you’re looking for alternative healthy options we can create a platter that will meet everyone’s dietary requirements. Our range includes fresh & dried fruits, healthy muesli bars & nuts mixes.