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Blood Orange Marmalade

Blood Orange Marmalade01

Create this easy homemade marmalade using blood oranges to capture the beautiful and vibrant shades of pink of this amazing citrus fruit! The incredible flavours make this marmalade extremely versatile. Delicious on toasts, stirred through yoghurt, on a piping hot scone with lashings of butter, or on sourdough toast with crumpled Feta, rosemary and crispy

The Purple Platter

Hawthorne Purple Platter 03

Our chef Nelly has shared with us her recipe to cooking some of her favourite purple vegetables. All things purple – A sweet, smokey, and crunchy ensemble with a hint of exotic spices. Ingredients Your favourite purple veggies EVOO Honey Mediterranean spice Seasoning (Dukkah, sumac, Ras El Hanout) Fennel seeds Red shallots Garlic Lime juice

Nelly’s Ultimate Fritters

Recipe Nellys Ultimate Fritters01

This fritter batter recipe creates a versatile, light golden, stay-crunchy fritter batter for sweet or savoury dishes. Excellent for bananas, apples, rhubarb, as well as fish, prawns, scallops and stick veggies.  Dry Ingredients: 1 cup self raising flour 1 cup sieved plain rice cracker powder-the secret ingredient (ground finely 100g of plain rice crackers in a grinder)