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Grilled Guacamole & Pico De Gallo

Recipe Grilled Guacamole Pico De Gallo02

A smokey, mellow take on a classic Guacamole accompanied with a tangy salsa. Pre-grilled, lightly charred ingredients is the secret to this upgraded delicious all time favourite.Ingredients: 1 red onion,  2 to 4 (depending on heat preference) jalapeños or any seasonal peppers.  2 limes 2 Roma tomatoes 2 avocados  2 cloves garlic Olive oil 1

Poached Spiced Pear with Salty Margarita and Whipped Lime Mascarpone

Recipe Poached Spiced Pear01

A mocktail dessert to coincide with the Dry July theme and appreciating the excellent in season pears.  An luscious combination of mocktail and dessert in one. The best of both worlds! Serves 4 to 6 glasses Poached pears ingredients 2 Buerre Bosc Pears  Thyme  Water Marinate ingredients 2 cups Mr Consistency Premium Margarita Mix 1 lime,